Welcome... Elite Eaters!  We're thrilled you're here and excited to show you some of the new stuff you can access now that Elite Eats has joined forces with Power Supply. Like customizing your menu online, multiple meal sizes, nutritional facts and of course great food, including a continued supply of meals from the Elite Eats kitchen. All at lower cost to you.  

Check out the info below on how to get setup at Power Supply, or just follow the link and head straight over to the Power Supply site to get your new order going (first meal's on us!).  

Getting going on Power Supply is super simple. Follow the link below, take a look around and you'll get a free meal on us with your first order.  

Get setup on Power Supply & enjoy your 1st meal on us 

Thanks again for all your support and here's to what's next. In the meantime, email us anytime with questions.  

All the best,

Stefan & the Elite Eats culinary team